July 7, 2015

The App is Back – eGiving Anytime, Anywhere!

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mobileFaith Direct continues its leading role as the preferred eGiving provider for churches with an updated App for iOS and Android mobile phones and devices.

Meeting the demand of over 100,000 church donors, in 2012 Faith Direct was the first eGiving provider to offer an App in the Catholic Church giving space.

Our new App gives church members access to every account management feature of the Faith Direct online experience, including: managing recurring gifts, making a one-time donation, and editing their payment information or profile.

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June 29, 2015

Don’t Let These 6 “Hidden” Costs of eGiving Sneak Up On You

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It can’t be said enough: eGiving is more than just letting your members give electronically. For your program to help strengthen your offertory – and for it to be a secure way for people to give their offerings – it must be constantly maintained, updated and improved… and that could require a good deal of time and effort from your church staff.

A full-service, cost-effective eGiving provider like Faith Direct will address the details for you, so your church can focus on your missions and ministries. But if you have a basic system that you’re managing in-house, there are six “hidden” costs you will have to think about:

feature_img9Transaction Costs: Most eGiving programs charge a percentage of the gross receipts plus a user fee – so the more people sign up, the more it will cost. Consider that in three years, 80% of your donations will be processed electronically, and it might surprise you how much you will be paying a provider to process gifts!

feature_img8Enrollment: You will need easy-to-use online enrollment forms, and paper forms for those who prefer that option. A staff member will need to devote time to keying the information from paper forms into your system.

feature_img4Multiple Appeals: You’ll need to be able to customize your system for a variety of collections and one time gifts throughout the year – and this will require time and technical know-how.

feature_img1Declines: Whether it’s non-sufficient funds for a checking account or an expired credit card, some of your transactions won’t go through – so you will need to be able to coordinate with individual members to determine an alternate form of payment.

feature_img12Account Changes: Throughout the year, members will want to switch to a new card or checking account, or adjust the amount they give each month. Somebody from your church will need to be ready to help manage that.

feature_img7Technology: When members switch to the newest phone or tablet, or update their operating systems, you’ll want to make sure your eGiving system is keeping up – and it’s especially important to promptly install any security updates issued for the software you use.

eGiving is a great way to strengthen your offertory, but it’s a complex system that needs constant attention. If your eGiving provider doesn’t handle details like customer service or security, make sure you are devoting the time and resources needed to keep your system up to speed.

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June 25, 2015

40 Million Reasons for Pope Francis to Love Faith Direct

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As people discuss and debate Pope Francis’s encyclical on environmental stewardship, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Using less paper and conserving natural resources helps protect our planet – especially since pulp and paper production is the third largest producer of air, water, and land pollution.

PopeFD1bAs America’s leading eGiving program, Faith Direct is helping churches cut down on envelope waste and reliance on paper checks.

Within three years of implementing our comprehensive eGiving program, 50% of donating households embrace eGiving as their preferred method of generosity – leading to reductions in paper and envelope use.

Overall, since our founding in 2004 Faith Direct has helped eliminate nearly 40 million envelopes.

Think about what that has done for the environment, let alone the financial stability of the nearly 600 churches we serve around the country!

I hope you’ll remember Faith Direct as you research your stories on church giving and environmental stewardship, and how churches are putting Pope Francis’s teachings on the environment into practice. I would be happy to speak with you about how we’re helping churches become greener.

Brian Walsh,
President, Faith Direct

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May 28, 2015

“Church members are asking for this every day.”

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Think of all the events your church hosts throughout the year – from dinners and fundraisers to mission trips and service programs, classes and workshops to special youth activities.
If you want to make it as easy as possible for members of your church to sign up for these events and get involved, you need to make sure your eGiving program provides a dedicated event registration tool that you can use for your church.

This is the next frontier in eGiving – especially since online event registration is now part of your members’ daily lives.

86believenWhether they’re signing their kids up for soccer camp, volunteering for the PTA or planning for a work-related conference, people in your church are using online registration to manage their schedules and get involved in the community.

This growing trend is here to stay, and according to one of our targeted survey respondents:

“Church members are asking for this every day.”

What you should ask eGiving providers about event registration:

1. Does my eGiving program have a dedicated event registration platform for the church?
2. Can it make the sign-up process easier by “autofilling” personal and payment information for registered eGiving users?
3. Can the online registration tool be customized for specific events?
4. Can church members easily use the registration system on their computers, phones and tablets?

The answer to all these questions should be “yes” – if you want a program that is convenient and efficient, and meets the needs of your church.

Here is a video explaining how Faith Direct is incorporating online event registration into our eGiving program – if you have any questions or want more information, feel free to email or call us toll-free at (866) 507-8757.

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May 14, 2015

Exciting new eGiving features! Take a look…

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As a pioneer in Church eGiving, Faith Direct has always recognized that successful electronic giving is more than just processing gifts. Faith Direct continues to enhance our program offering with new features that make it easier for your parishioners to enroll and manage their giving.

To see these exciting new features in action, watch the video below.

Want to learn more? Our flat fee model, which includes our innovative eGiving communication plan, will save you money and increase participation.

Contact us today for a free consultation at 866-507-8757 or email us here.

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