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Why Choose Faith Direct?

  • 600 + Churches
  • Over 100,000 Active Donors

Features and benefits

Faith Direct is a turn-key solution for one low monthly fee.

Flat Fee Price

structure ensures that your costs aren't increasing with the growth of your program. Churches should not be penalized by percentage based services as their programs grow!

Peace of Mind

that a weather event, holiday weekend or bad flu season can no longer significantly impact your donations. Your church can focus on mission instead of money.

Customer Service

that is available to respond to your needs by email, phone and online chat. Our dedicated customer service team is here to make your eGiving experience as simple as possible.

Continued Growth

driven by a customized communications program managed by the Faith Direct team. Our multi-platform approach encourages eGiving as the preferred means for church financial support. Learn More


is our top concern. It is the highest priority in our operations and a constant consideration when handling all aspects of your account. We’re PCI Level 1 Compliant and complete an annual SOC 2 audit. Learn More

Detailed Reporting

available through our church administrator website gives you real-time access to your eGiving program. Access donation histories, run projected income reports and download files to import donations into your church management software.

Event Registrations

help your church more completely meet the needs of your members by offering online registrations to dinners, classes, retreats and more. Our powerful event registration platform can be customized to meet your specific needs.


you can trust. As a leader in church eGiving for more than 10 years, Faith Direct has processed over $500MM in donations for more than 600 churches nationwide.

How we encourage participation

Participation matters, and your eGiving program needs to leverage every
communication platform available to reach all of your members.

Customized Direct Mail Outreach

Other eGiving companies offer boiler plate templates and wish you luck in communicating your program to members. Faith Direct is the only program that sends annual promotional mailings to your members, customized for your church, reviewed by your staff and managed by our professional support team.

Customized Email Communication

91% of American adults use email to communicate with friends, family and coworkers each year. Our email communications complement the Direct Mail Outreach to help you reach different segments of your church population.

Church Visibility

Faith Direct provides customized posters, in-pew materials, extra enrollment forms and offertory cards to keep your eGiving program visible throughout the year.

Mobile & Web Presence

Our pioneering program stays at the forefront of technology providing your members with an eGiving experience that is hassle-free and secure. Our mobile app available for download on the iTunes Store and Google Play market, gives your members a program that is available anywhere and anytime.

Social Media

Using Social Media is a key requirement for successful eGiving. Faith Direct integrates creative messaging with your Church staff to help keep your members engaged in ministry and stewardship activities.

Se Habla Español

All of Faith Direct’s materials are available in English and Spanish to make sure no one at your church is left out. Need your materials in another language? We have worked with Vietnamese and Korean churches too. Our committed team will work with your church office to translate printed and online materials.

Supporting Your Members

Dedicated Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team is available to respond to your members’ needs by email, phone and live online chat. Working directly with your members helps to make the Faith Direct eGiving experience as simple as possible. 98% of our users would recommend Faith Direct to another church member!

Flexible Giving Opportunities

Faith Direct’s robust eGiving platform can accommodate all of your collections from simple weekly collections, to annual collections, capital campaign pledges, “live” gifts, religious education and event registration payments. There is no minimum gift amount or maximum number of collections a church member may support.

Offertory Cards

The offertory is an integral part of every church service, and with Faith Direct, your eGiving members can continue to participate using personalized printed offertory cards to be used during the collection. This also eliminates the need for costly envelopes.

Account Updates

We email reminders each month to your members with a summary of upcoming donations. Additionally, Faith Direct provides mail and email notifications to members with pending credit card expirations, recent credit card declines, and bank account non-sufficient fund/declines. We work directly with your members on your behalf.

Supporting your Church

Reliable Giving

Whether snow closes your Church on a Sunday, or your members are on vacation, Faith Direct’s program provides you with financial stability.   Faith Direct assures consistent, recurring giving from the faithful.

reliable giving

Event Registration

From dinners to church fundraisers; to mission trips and service programs to classes and workshops to special youth activities: Faith Direct’s customized event module is a user-friendly tool that saves your staff time and provides members with an automated registration option.

Continued Growth

Successful eGiving is defined by participation. Our communication platform using mailings, emails, social media, church materials, bulletin announcements and more keeps the eGiving program in front of your members year round.

continued growth


Real-time access to your eGiving program and Faith Direct’s church administrator website gives you all the information you need to keep track of your donors.

Access donation histories, run projected income reports and download files to import donations into your church management software.  Reports also include detailed information on any church event registrations.


Faith Direct places the highest priority on the privacy, security and integrity of your church members’ personal and financial information. Setting the standard for other eGiving providers, we have established best practices for maintaining information. Learn More

Event Registration

92% of church staff anticipate a growing need to offer online event registrations in the future.

Faith Direct Value

Why a Flat Fee?

Banks charge ATM fees. Airlines charge baggage fees. Like any conscientious consumer, you probably don’t like paying either but you know what the fees are going to be and budget for them when choosing a bank or airline. But what about the fees being imposed on churches by some eGiving providers – fees that appear low until you have a successful, thriving eGiving program?

Now that every envelope, bulletin, software and publishing company serving the faith community is offering eGiving, trying to do an apples-to-apples cost comparison between a percentage-based or per-user program and a flat-fee approach would be a full time job.

Any fee structure that takes a percentage of the gross receipts or has a user-based fee structure will prove to be very expensive for your church in a short period of time as more members join the program.

Faith Direct vs. Other eGiving Programs

40% of our new clients switched from a competitive or bank program to Faith Direct

For a Free Fee Analysis, Contact Us Today!


Have questions? We have answers!

Can Faith Direct provide my church with reports compatible with my church database/accounting software programs?

Faith Direct provides import files for a dozen major church database/accounting software programs. If your software has an import function, Faith Direct will work to make adjustments to our reporting format in order to become compatible with your software. All of these reports are available on our secure website for approved Church administrators.

How will my church know what its members are giving?

Faith Direct provides monthly disbursement reports detailing gift amounts and allocations. This reporting includes number of enrollees, amounts, types of gifts and dates.

How does Faith Direct charge for its service?

Faith Direct receives a flat, equitable monthly fee for full program administration including marketing, communications, account servicing, reporting and funds transfer. This fee is based on the size of your church: there are no start up, hidden, or cancellation fees: and, more importantly, your church is not penalized with higher fees as your program succeeds!

Does Faith Direct offer a paper-based enrollment option?

Yes, with 20% of our new enrollees opting not to use the internet for their eGiving support, this option is critical for different segments on your church population. There is no additional fee for this option.

Does the program offer both bank and credit/debit card options for church members to contribute?

Yes, Faith Direct maintains the necessary security requirements which allow the safe and secure use of multiple major credit or debit cards as well as checking and savings accounts.

Which credit cards do you accept and what are the fees?

Faith Direct accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Credit/debit card transactions are assessed a transaction fee of 2.35% and $0.25 per item.

There are no associated fees for bank account transactions.