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Once you've decided to use Faith Direct to make electronic donations to your church, you can enroll either online or by mail.

  • To enroll online, you will need your church's unique code. If you do not know your church code, look it up here or contact Faith Direct using our email form. If you enroll online before midnight on the last calendar day of the month, your automatic contributions to your church will begin with the following month.
  • To enroll by mail, you can request an enrollment form by contacting Faith Direct via email, phone or by picking up an enrollment form from your church office. Please return completed enrollment forms to our enrollment post office box:

    Faith Direct, Inc. Attn: Enrollment
    P.O. Box 7101
    Merrifield, VA 22116-7101

    If we receive your mailed enrollment form by the last business day of the month, your automatic contributions to your church will begin with the following month.

Transactions & Account Management

  • The transaction with your credit/debit card or bank account will occur on the 4th/15th of the month or the next business day.
  • The total amount of your contributions for that month (offertory plus any second or special collections you may have designated) will be debited in one monthly transaction.
  • You will receive confirmation of this transaction on your regular bank or credit card statement.
  • Your original donation amounts scheduled through the Faith Direct program will automatically carry over from year to year. ¬†You do not need to re-enroll each year.
  • You can make changes to your account at any time via email, phone, online or by sending Faith Direct a new enrollment form.

Offertory Collection

Because we understand that the offertory collection is an important part of many church servicesand that many people would feel uncomfortable not having a check or pledge envelope to place in the basket, we provide "offertory cards" to be used as a visible sign of your participation in the Faith Direct program.

  • We will mail the cards to you approximately two weeks after we receive your enrollment. These cards indicate your name and the name of your church.
  • The use of the offertory cards has no effect on your electronic donations so you can use them as often or as infrequently as you would like.
  • We will mail additional cards on the anniversary of your enrollment in the Faith Direct program; if you run out ahead of time, please use our email form or call our toll free number (866)507-8757 to request more.

Tax Statements

At the beginning of each calendar year Faith Direct will prepare and send tax statements stating your gift amounts from the previous year.

  • In most cases you will receive a tax statement from Faith Direct stating the contributions made to your church using the Faith Direct service.
  • Some churches prefer to send statements that include both gifts given directly and gifts given through Faith Direct. In these cases Faith Direct will not send an additional statement.
  • If you do not receive a year-end tax statement please contact us using our email form or call us toll free (866)507- 8757.


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