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Faith Direct has provided me extreme pleasure with their service. I absolutely appreciated the convenience the service has afforded me. Not only was I able to not worry about remembering my envelope every week, I was able to take advantage of the opportunity to make additional donations. I also appreciated the pleasant reminder via my email account. “
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church
Saint Claire Shores, MI

“We love the convenience of the Faith Direct service. Using Faith Direct permits us to effectively budget our financial support to our parish in a more consistent manner. Like many households, parishes rely on steady stream of income to meet their monthly obligations. Faith Direct permits us to schedule our total giving over the course of the entire year versus waiting for December when holiday obligations conflict with the need to boost tax deductions. In addition, the discreet “giving coupons” allow us the opportunity to put something in the collection box to show our support of the parish.”
Kathy and Andrew
Holy Family Catholic Church

Davidsonville, MD

“We'd like to thank Faith Direct for your wonderful service. Previously, church envelopes would be forgotten, we'd combine several at a time and realize what a waste of paper and postage this was for our church - let alone loss of a donation that was being counted on. By setting up our Faith Direct account we know that our contributions are promptly taken care of, the parish is saving time and money and we can plan more easily for the entire year. Thank you for making this plan available.”
St. Lucy Parish Catholic Church
Saint Claire Shores, MI

"I wanted to say how much I appreciate Faith Direct. I have been a patron of Faith Direct for the past five years and have found it both practical and convenient. I appreciate not having to hassle with envelopes at Mass, and your year-end statements make tax preparation simpler. It is easy to sign up and make adjustments through your website. And when I have questions, your staff is always very helpful. I do all my banking and bill-paying online now, so it just makes sense to use Faith Direct, too."
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community
Alexandria, VA

“We have found using Faith Direct to be very convenient and easy. We didn’t have to bother with writing checks or filling church envelopes with cash each week. If the weather is bad or we go out-of-town or just to another neighborhood parish, due to different mass schedules, we can rest assure that our weekly contributions are being made to our local parish. We can simply check the annual contribution schedule that we are sent and deduct the monthly contribution amount from our checkbook each month. We also receive monthly e-mail reminders of the contribution amount.”
Nick & Christine
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Baltimore, MD

"I love Faith Direct. It really helps me place my love of God first in my life before I spend my check on other meaningless things."
St. Matthew Catholic Church
Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for the service. I was thinking this was a revolutionary need for the church if it hopes to survive. You have to make it easy for folks to give. I'm sure Immaculate Conception Church in DC also will thank you."
Immaculate Conception Church
Washington, DC

"I think Faith Direct is a great idea for both the church and the parishioners. I always knew that I was donating a minimum amount regardless of how organized I might be on Sunday. I liked knowing that and then having the freedom to add cash as I was inspired to do."
St. Richard's Parish
Gibsonia, PA


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