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How Faith Direct Works

Donating to your church has never been so easy.


Creating a Faith Direct account is simple. You can enroll online or by mail, so you can give to your church in a way that works best for you.

Giving Options

Give to any collection offered by your church; choose your credit/debit card or a bank account for payment. Schedule monthly recurring gifts or make a one-time gift at any time.

Account Management

Our user-friendly online system lets you manage all aspects of your account so you are always in control of your donations.

Features & Benefits

Peace of Mind

because you'll be able to support your church every week. Whether you're out of town, unable to attend church due to weather, illness or a family emergency, your gifts will always be received.

Customer Service

that is available to respond to your needs by email, phone and online chat. Our dedicated customer service team is here to make your eGiving experience as simple as possible.


of knowing that your information is protected, every transaction is secure and that your donations are automatically transferred to your church. Learn More

Offertory Cards

to be used during the collection in lieu of envelopes or checks. Personalized cards are mailed to your home.

Donation Reminders

emailed each month with a summary of your upcoming donations. Faith Direct will also contact you by email and mail if there's a problem processing your donation.


of having an annual statement that details your generosity, and simplifies your taxes.

Giving Opportunities

are abundant with Faith Direct's multi-platform donation system. You can use Faith Direct for anything from offertory to church event registration on your home computer, tablet or mobile phone!


that you are helping your church be more efficient, and have a steady, predictable cash flow to support the works that are important to you, throughout the year.

Flat Fee Price

structure ensures that your costs aren’t increasing with the growth of your program. Churches should not be penalized by percentage-based fee structures as their programs grow!

Peace of Mind

that a weather event, holiday weekend or bad flu season can no longer significantly impact your donations. Your church can focus on mission instead money.

Customer Service

that is available to respond to your needs by email, phone and online chat. Our dedicated customer service team is here to make your eGiving experience as simple as possible.

Continued Growth

driven by a customized communications program managed by the Faith Direct team. Our multi-platform approach encourages eGiving as the preferred means for church financial support.


is our top concern. It is the highest priority in our operations and a constant consideration when handling all aspects of your account. We’re PCI Level 1 Compliant and complete an annual SOC 2 audit. Learn More

Detailed Reporting

available through our church administrator website gives you real-time access to your eGiving program. Access donation histories, run projected income reports and download files to import donations into your church management software.

Event Registrations

help your church more completely meet the needs of your members by offering online registrations to dinners, classes, retreats and more. Our powerful event registration platform can be customized to meet your specific needs.


you can trust. As a leader in church eGiving for more than 10 years, Faith Direct has processed over $500MM in donations for more than 600 churches nationwide.


Have questions? We have answers!

How does Faith Direct work?

This secure program works directly with your bank, credit, or debit card in the same way as other electronic funds transfer payments you may already conduct (such as utility bills or your mortgage payment). All transactions are processed electronically, debiting your bank account or charging your credit\debit card automatically for the amounts you designate.

Can any additional funds be taken from my account other than what I have authorized?

No! We process only the amount you designate for your church, and only you can change the amount of money that may be processed on a monthly basis. We send an email each month with the details of your upcoming donations so there will be no surprises!

When will my account(s) be debited?

When you enroll in the Faith Direct program you can choose to have your monthly donations processed on the 4th, 15th, or both 4th and 15th. Your donations will be processed in one transaction for the total offertory, campaign and/or second collection donation amounts you have designated. Your church will receive your donations within five business days.

Can I stop, increase or decrease my payment at any time?

Yes, you can make changes to your account anytime by accessing your account online, by contacting our customer service team at 866.507.8757, by sending us an email or even by chatting with a customer service representative online. There is no minimum donation amount, or financial penalty if you cancel.

I would feel uncomfortable not being able to participate in the collection using an envelope or check. What should I do?

Faith Direct provides offertory cards to be used during the collection as a visible sign of your electronic donations. These cards are personalized with your name, church id number and church. These cards indicate your name and the name of your church. You will receive a packet of cards approximately two weeks after we receive your enrollment, and again each year on the anniversary of your enrollment. If you run out of offertory cards, you can request more at any time or print them here.