Have questions? We have answers!

How does Faith Direct work?

This secure program works directly with your bank, credit, or debit card in the same way as other electronic funds transfer payments you may already conduct (such as utility bills or your mortgage payment). All transactions are processed electronically, debiting your bank account or charging your credit\debit card automatically for the amounts you designate.

Can any additional funds be taken from my account other than what I have authorized?

No! We process only the amount you designate for your church, and only you can change the amount of money that may be processed on a monthly basis. We send an email each month with the details of your upcoming donations so there will be no surprises!

When will my account(s) be debited?

When you enroll in the Faith Direct program you can choose to have your monthly donations processed on the 4th, 15th, or both 4th and 15th. Your donations will be processed in one transaction for the total offertory, campaign and/or second collection donation amounts you have designated. Your church will receive your donations within five business days.

Can I stop, increase or decrease my payment at any time?

Yes, you can make changes to your account anytime by accessing your account online, by contacting our customer service team at 866.507.8757, by sending us an email or even by chatting with a customer service representative online. There is no minimum donation amount, or financial penalty if you cancel.

I would feel uncomfortable not being able to participate in the collection using an envelope or check. What should I do?

Faith Direct provides offertory cards to be used during the collection as a visible sign of your electronic donations. These cards are personalized with your name, church id number and church. These cards indicate your name and the name of your church. You will receive a packet of cards approximately two weeks after we receive your enrollment, and again each year on the anniversary of your enrollment. If you run out of offertory cards, you can request more at any time or print them here.

Can Faith Direct provide my church with reports compatible with my church database/accounting software programs?

Faith Direct provides import files for a dozen major church database/accounting software programs. If your software has an import function, Faith Direct will work to make adjustments to our reporting format in order to become compatible with your software. All of these reports are available on our secure website for approved Church administrators.

How will my church know what its members are giving?

Faith Direct provides monthly disbursement reports detailing gift amounts and allocations. This reporting includes number of enrollees, amounts, types of gifts and dates.

How does Faith Direct charge for its service?

Faith Direct receives a flat, equitable monthly fee for full program administration including marketing, communications, account servicing, reporting and funds transfer. This fee is based on the size of your church: there are no start up, hidden, or cancellation fees: and, more importantly, your church is not penalized with higher fees as your program succeeds!

Does Faith Direct offer a paper-based enrollment option?

Yes, with 20% of our new enrollees opting not to use the internet for their eGiving support, this option is critical for different segments on your church population. There is no additional fee for this option.

Does the program offer both bank and credit/debit card options for church members to contribute?

Yes, Faith Direct maintains the necessary security requirements which allow the safe and secure use of multiple major credit or debit cards as well as checking and savings accounts.

Which credit cards do you accept and what are the fees?

Faith Direct accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Credit/debit card transactions are assessed a transaction fee of 2.35% and $0.25 per item.

There are no associated fees for bank account transactions.