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Our Team

With over 1,000 new users joining monthly, Faith Direct is the leader in complete eGiving solutions.

Based in McLean, VA, Faith Direct was founded in 2004 on the premise that a “cashless society” will have a major impact on parish communities that raise over $120 billion per year. Looked to as the leading full-service eGiving provider, Faith Direct processes donations for over 1,000 parishes nationally. Our customer driven managed giving has resulted in 98% client retention each year. Faith Direct's approach and client results have become the model that multiple companies have tried to emulate: 70% of our new parish clients have used a competitive program or bank service.

Faith Direct has brought together professionals from parish development, fundraising and marketing, IT, sales and customer service to provide the leading full-service automated giving program. With well over 50 years of combined expertise, our team is led by the following individuals:

Brad Otto

General Manager Email Brad

Angela Szczesny

Church Success Manager

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Alyssa Parker

Operations Manager

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Matt Inkmann

Sales Director-East

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Trevor Gavin

Sales Director-West

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