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Enjoy the benefits of an eGiving program that grows year after year.

Inspiring eGiving today for the
Church of tomorrow.

Faith Direct was founded in 2004 on the premise that a “cashless society” will have a major impact on parish communities that raise over $120 Billion per year. Looked to as the leading full-service eGiving provider, Faith Direct processes donations for over 1,000 parishes nationally. Our customer driven approach to managed giving has resulted in 98% client retention each year. Faith Direct's approach and client results have become the model that multiple companies have tried to emulate: 70% of our new parish clients have used a competitive program or bank service.

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Communication Strategy

Engaging Your Parishioners

We help you connect with your parishioners and raise awareness for online giving by using custom messaging through multiple platforms.

Social Media
Digital Pulpit
Bulletins, Brochures & Posters
Email Outreach
Letter & Enrollment Form
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Program Management

Church Success Team

We make managing giving easier for you, reducing staff time and enabling your parish to better serve your ministries.

Account Processing
Driven Growth
Legacy Program Transition
Church Account Setup
Parishioner Support
ChMS Integration & Reports
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Flexible Technology

eGiving Events Reports

Our platform gives parishioners options for recurring online giving, while you'll have direct access to Faith Direct customer success.

Personal Account View
Functions & Missions Registration
Offertory Appeals Funds
Text to Give

Direct Parishioner Support

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  • Phone & Email Support
  • Payment Reminder Emails
  • Offertory Cards
  • Flexible Giving Options
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Let's talk about how Faith Direct can fit your parish's needs.

Talk to one of our parish software experts today to see how Faith Direct is designed to reduce workload for parish leaders and increase participation from parish members.

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