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Faith Direct in the News: “A win-win for the parish and the parishioner…”

Faith Direct is the focus of an in-depth article on church eGiving written by Josephine von Dohlen of Catholic News Service and featured by Catholic news outlets including Crux, and

As Faith Direct President Brian Walsh says in the article, eGiving is “such a win-win for the parish and the parishioner once they enroll in the program because it’s meeting parishioners where they are today.”

The article highlights parish-level success stories, including a pilot program in Oklahoma:

Peter de Keratry is the executive director of stewardship and development for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. In a trial program, his department offered parishes one year of funding for the use of an online giving program.
“My intention is to get our parishes to wake up to the reality of the 21st century,” de Keratry said in an interview with CNS.
Nineteen parishes in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City began using Faith Direct through the archdiocese’s funding program.
“We already have 14 parishes well past their first-year goals, and we’ve only been at it for five months,” de Keratry said. “So it is working.”

You can read the full article here. To learn how Faith Direct’s game-changing eGiving strategies can help grow your parish offertory and expand your ministries, contact us toll-free at 866-507-8757 or email at

Faith Direct is in the News!

In a front-page article on June 15 focused on charities’ increasing use of online giving, Emma Ayers of The Washington Times highlights Faith Direct’s leadership in this important field:

Brian Walsh, CEO and founder of Faith Direct, got creative with his organization since its inception about 10 years ago, and has ever since been collaborating with Catholic parishes across the nation to help their members easily give online…

Mr. Walsh’s game-changing business recently surpassed $1 billion in processed donations, and is typically named as the No. 1 company of its kind in the Catholic sector. “As of the month of May, we have a 90 percent approval rating by our users,” Mr. Walsh told The Washington Times. “Ultimately [automatic withdrawals] makes for a more stable church or nonprofit, just because of the consistency.”

Mr. Walsh says the means of giving for the church are completely different today than they were even 10 years ago. “We have over 143,000 users who are, largely, over 60 years old,” said Mr. Walsh. “You ask them about check writing, most of them are not doing it at all anymore.”

You can read the full article here. To learn how Faith Direct’s game-changing eGiving strategies can help grow your parish offertory and expand your ministries, contact us toll-free at 866-507-8757 or email at

40 Million Reasons for Pope Francis to Love Faith Direct

As people discuss and debate Pope Francis’s encyclical on environmental stewardship, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Using less paper and conserving natural resources helps protect our planet – especially since pulp and paper production is the third largest producer of air, water, and land pollution.

PopeFD1bAs America’s leading eGiving program, Faith Direct is helping churches cut down on envelope waste and reliance on paper checks.

Within three years of implementing our comprehensive eGiving program, 50% of donating households embrace eGiving as their preferred method of generosity – leading to reductions in paper and envelope use.

Overall, since our founding in 2004 Faith Direct has helped eliminate nearly 40 million envelopes.

Think about what that has done for the environment, let alone the financial stability of the nearly 600 churches we serve around the country!

I hope you’ll remember Faith Direct as you research your stories on church giving and environmental stewardship, and how churches are putting Pope Francis’s teachings on the environment into practice. I would be happy to speak with you about how we’re helping churches become greener.

Brian Walsh,
President, Faith Direct

Catholics Nationwide Give Up Envelopes for Lent!

Parish Families Simplify Stewardship, Replace Checks with eGiving

Fast… Pray… Give Up Envelopes. That’s the new Lenten tradition for parishioners across the country who are embracing eGiving for their generous offertory and Church support.

“As parishioners practice their Lenten sacrifices during Lent, this year we are inviting church families across the country to make a permanent switch away from offertory envelopes and towards eGiving,” says W. Brian Walsh, founder and president of Faith Direct, the leading eGiving provider for churches nationwide.

A new Lenten campaign led by Faith Direct encouraging parishioners to give up envelopes is having an impact across the country, with eGiving user numbers on the rise. Key points being emphasized by Faith Direct parishes through this campaign include:

  • eGiving helps provide churches with consistent support month after month so they can better budget for and sustain their ministries.
  • eGiving helps parishes save money and protect the environment by eliminating the cost of providing envelopes and other paper resources.
  • By giving up envelopes, parishioners are making a lasting contribution to a more cost-effective and efficient way of collecting donations.

This Lenten campaign is part of the complete communications plan Faith Direct provides to participating parishes, including direct mail, email, promotional messaging and social media strategies. This marketing expertise is a hallmark of the Faith Direct program, and helps lead parishes to the highest levels of participation among eGiving providers – adding more value to what is already the most cost-effective eGiving program on the market. In 2014, 35% of Faith Direct’s new parishes switched from another provider to save on costs and maximize Faith Direct’s pioneering strategy.

As families nationwide celebrate the Lenten season, Faith Direct’s success in helping parishioners give up envelopes can add a unique perspective to stories on overall trends in church giving, faith-based marketing, parish finances, conservation in church communities, and stewardship and engagement among religious families.

Faith Direct President W. Brian Walsh is available to discuss any of these topics as well as this new campaign to inspire church families to give up envelopes. To schedule an interview, please contact Faith Direct at (703) 519-5710 or via email here.

Faith Direct Celebrates 10 Years of Strengthening the Church through eGiving

Faith Direct – the visionary company that is leading the transformation of church giving away from check writing and envelopes – is excited to celebrate ten years of helping churches strengthen their offertories and build renewed support for their ministries.

If you are looking for a great story on an innovative, ambitious company that is having a transformative impact, Faith Direct is an outstanding example.

On February 2 of 2004, Faith Direct processed its first donations from Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Bernardsville, NJ. Ten years later…

  • Faith Direct has raised nearly $400 Million in donations for more than 500 churches across the country.
  • Faith Direct now serves over 100,000 donors who use eGiving to support their church offertory, second collections and Capital Campaigns.
  • In 2013, Faith Direct saw annual eGiving increase by 30% to nearly $120 million.

Faith Direct’s growth reflects the fact that the ability to accept electronic donations – whether through automatic bank debit or credit card – is now a requirement for any church organization’s financial stability.

“As we look towards the next 5 years, we believe that 80% of the $9 Billion in donations the Catholic Church receives each year will have to be processed electronically,” says W. Brian Walsh, company founder and president. “Yet, we estimate that at most, just 10% of all Church donations are managed this way. “

“Now is the time for the Church to phase out the old system of giving, and adapt eGiving just as parishioners are adapting it as their preferred means of giving,” Walsh adds, noting that Faith Direct is empowering parishes and dioceses with a better understanding of this next step in the evolution of offertory, and providing full-service eGiving strategies that go beyond just processing electronic transactions.

Meeting the demand of its clients and users, Faith Direct is the only provider in this space that offers parishes and dioceses a complete communication plan including direct mail, email, online account management, and an iOS app.

This leads Faith Direct parishes to achieve the highest level of eGiving participation among providers of this service. Key to parishioner and parish client retention is Faith Direct’s hands on customer service support, which has consistently received high praise.

“Since we processed our first donations in 2004, we have always believed that customized communication from the parish to the parishioner inviting them to support the Church electronically makes the difference in program success,” Walsh states.

People are responding to Faith Direct’s full-service approach to eGiving. A recent Faith Direct parishioner user survey found that:

  • 99.6% of users stated Faith Direct exceeded their expectations
  • 80% of users stated they would never go back to using check writing and envelopes.
  • 60% of users are over the age of 60 – defying the stereotype that eGiving is preferred only by younger parishioners

“Our core mission has not changed in 10 years,” Walsh adds. “Faith Direct is uniquely positioned to continue our role in helping parishes and Dioceses integrate eGiving as the main platform for donation support.”

For a great story on how a company has transformed Church giving in just ten years – and how our full-service, customer-focused strategies are having a dramatic impact on our success and the growth of parish offertories across the nation – contact Faith Direct President Brian Walsh at (703) 519-5710 or via email here.

Pioneering Fundraising Firms for Church Form Strategic Partnership

CCS and Faith Direct – two pioneering firms with extensive expertise in critical areas of fundraising and philanthropy for the Catholic Church – are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership designed to help Catholic parishes and dioceses inspire increased gifts of treasure among Church families and further help those in need by expanding the missions and ministries of the Catholic Church nationwide.

Since 1947, CCS has been a leader in Catholic philanthropy managing campaigns for parishes, Dioceses and other Church-related organizations, raising billions in donations. Started in 2004, Faith Direct has established the most sought after eGiving program for the Catholic Church, and will surpass $100 million in processed donations in 2012.

“We believe that Faith Direct offers significant value, return on investment and results for the parishes and Dioceses they serve,” says Thomas Kissane, Partner and Managing Director at CSS. “Their approach to their work is extraordinary and we feel confident Faith Direct will provide exceptional eGiving services to our Church clients.”

Brian Walsh, President of Faith Direct, added “I have long admired the faithful tradition in which CCS manages their organization, and the phenomenal work they do for their Church clients. The Faith Direct team is thrilled to collaborate with CCS and work together to deliver even greater results for the Church.”

Faith Direct’s growth reflects the fact that the ability to accept electronic donations – whether through automatic bank debit or credit card – is quickly becoming a requirement for any church organization’s financial stability. Faith Direct is empowering parishes and dioceses with a better understanding of this next step in the evolution of offertory, and providing full-service eGiving strategies that go beyond just processing electronic transactions.

“Faith Direct understands that the skill and experience with which an eGiving program is introduced and administered is frequently the difference between a successful program and one which falls short of its potential,” explains Walsh. “We encourage church-wide participation in our programs though customized direct mail and email communications and exciting innovations like our new iOS App – and in doing so, we help churches grow their offertory while establishing a benchmark for converting check writers to eGivers.”

Today, Faith Direct works in 65 Dioceses supporting offertory, second collections, Appeals and Capital Campaigns. For more information on what makes the Faith Direct program uniquely innovative and effective, visit To arrange an interview with Faith Direct President Brian Walsh, call (703) 519-5710.

CCS, a leading global fundraising consulting and management firm, provides fundraising, development services and strategic consulting to Catholic parishes and dioceses worldwide. Founded in 1947, the firm is wholly owned by its ten partners and retains the largest and most experienced permanent staff in the industry. To learn more, visit