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Inspire Your Members

Your church has started an eGiving program, what now?

Set enrollment goals for your church.

Successful eGiving is about the number of members who actually sign up to give electronically to their church, not whether a church has a program!

What should you expect in your program’s first year and beyond?


Make sure your members know about it!

You can’t expect people to seek out eGiving on their own – you need to reach out to them with details on how eGiving works and why it’s beneficial to the church and to members alike.

Use a coordinated mix of the following communication tools:

Email: Personalized Email from the Pastor has proved to be a great way to promote eGiving.

Customized Letters: Since 20% of members still do not go online to enroll in eGiving program, mail continues to be a great way to communicate with them about your eGiving program.

Facebook and Twitter: Different segments of your church population are using Social Media for their everyday communication. This is a great way to spread the eGiving word!

Rotating Bulletin Announcements: Base message on season and liturgical calendar.

Remember: An eGiving program that members don’t know about and no one uses is like having no eGiving program at all! Make sure to promote eGiving, and keep close track of how many people are signing up, so you will know whether or not your program is working for your church.