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Paper and eGiving

eGiving is generally associated with the digital world — that “e” stands for electronic, after all. But did you know what an important role paper plays in the most successful eGiving programs?

At Faith Direct, members using paper forms make up 20% of our new enrollments. Yes, that means 1 out of 5 members who elect to support their churches through eGiving don’t actually go “online” to do so.

Paper enrollment materials are especially popular among older members who use eGiving — a large demographic for most any program.

Forty-one percent of Faith Direct enrollees are ages 60 to 74 — and another 17% are 75 or older. That’s almost 60% of eGiving users over the age of 60!

Many older individuals like the ease and efficiency of eGiving, but aren’t always comfortable putting their personal information into a website or computer. Some prefer paper enrollment forms so it is important to make this option available.

Here’s how your eGiving program should provide access to the paper forms members want:

  • Include enrollment forms in any letters you send to members regarding your eGiving program.
  • Place enrollment forms in your pews so members can fill them out after Mass.
  • Keep enrollment forms in your church office so people can pick them up there.
  • Give members the option of downloading enrollment forms from your website so they can print them, fill them out and turn them in. Some online users prefer this method!

Faith Direct strongly urges churches to consider the security requirements of receiving paper enrollment forms with secure financial information. Your eGiving program should exclude the church office from having to accept or store any paper enrollment forms.

When your members have access to the paper enrollment options they want, participation in your eGiving program will be higher — and your church will have more resources to do God’s work. Your church family and your community will be thankful!